Warranty Registration United States and Canada

At the time of sale, the Warranty Registration Form must be completed by your dealer and submitted to Hisun within ten days of purchase. Upon receipt of this registration, Hisun will record the registration for warranty. No verification of registration will be sent to the purchaser as the copy of the Warranty Registration Form will be your proof of warranty coverage. If you have not signed the original registration and received the customer copy, please contact your dealer immediately. Proof of Purchase may be required if registration was not completed.

*Note: Registration lists must be maintained by Hisun Motors and any dealer of Hisun Motors products sold in the United States and Canada, should a safety recall notification under the Federal Safety Act be required. *

You may change your registered address at any time, including at time of warranty claim, by calling Hisun Motors or sending a letter with your name, old address, new address, and VIN number to Hisun Motors warranty registration department. Your dealer can also process this change information.

 In the United States: In Canada:
Hisun Motors Hisun Motors Canada
Attn: Warranty Registration Attn: Warranty Registration
310 E. University Drive 862 Arvin Ave.
McKinney, Texas 75069

In the event that your vehicle was not warranty registered at the time of sale, you may go online to warranty register your vehicle at:

United States Customer: www.hisunmotors.com/register
Canada Customer: www.hisunmortscorp.ca/register

**You will need to attach a copy of the sales receipt to the submission for verification

Outside United States and Canada

For products purchased outside of United States andCanada, contact the dealer/distributorin your country, or closest Service Center.

Warranty Coverage and Exclusions

Warranty is limited to defects in material or workmanship, but only when the consumer sale is made in the country to which distribution is authorized by us. Keep in mind that warranty covers repairs that are needed within the warranty period because of defects in material and workmanship. Installation errors, accidents, normal wear, and a variety of other causes that affect the product are not covered.

Products Recreational Use Commercial Use**
250cc Utility and Sport Models 1 year 90 days
450cc ~ 1000cc (including Crew) Utility Models 2 year 90 days
550cc ~ 1000cc (including Crew) Sport Models 2 year 90 days
400cc ~ 750cc HS Utility Models 2 year 90 days
Electric* Utility Model 2 year 90 days
250cc ~ 1000cc ATV Models 2 year 90 days

*1 year on main battery pack

**Commercial Use Definition
Commercial users of these products receive warranty coverage under this limited warranty from the date of first retail sale, or from the date on which the product was first put into service, whichever occurs first. Commercial use is defined as any work or employment related use of the product, or any use of the product which generates income, for any part of the warranty period, even if the product is only occasionally used for such purposes. Unexpired warranty coverage cannot be transferred either to or from a commercial use customer.

Transfer of Warranty

This limited warranty is transferable to a subsequent purchaser, but only for the remainder of the unused portion of the limited warranty. This will not apply to products used for commercial applications. To transfer the warranty to the subsequent owner, send a copy of the Bill of Sale, new owner’s name, address, and vehicle identification number (VIN) to Hisun Warranty Registration Department address above.

Conditions That Must Be Met to Obtain Warranty Coverage

Warranty coverage under this Limited Warranty is available only to retail customers that purchase from a Dealer authorized by Hisun Motors to distribute the product in the country in which the sale occurred, and then only after Hisun Motors specified Predelivery Inspection and Customer Orientation paperwork is completed and submitted to Hisun Motors.

Warranty coverage becomes available upon proper registration of the product by the authorized dealer. Inaccurate warranty registration information regarding recreational use, or subsequent change of use from recreational to commercial  unless properly registered) may void the warranty at the sole discretion of Hisun Motors. Routine maintenance outlined in the Operation and Maintenance Manual must be timely performed in order to maintain warranty coverage. Hisun Motors reserves the right to make warranty coverage contingent upon proof of proper maintenance.

What Hisun Motors Will Do

Hisun Motor's sole and exclusive obligation under this Limited Warranty is limited to, at our opinion, repairing a defective part, replacing such part or parts with new or Hisun certified remanufactured parts. Genuine Hisun parts, used on approved warranty claims, will be reimbursed at MSRP.

Hisun Motors reserves the right to improve or modify products from time to time without assuming an obligation to modify products previously manufactured. How to Obtain Warranty Coverage Under this Limited Warranty

The customer must provide Hisun Motors with a reasonable opportunity to repair and reasonable access to the product for warranty service. Warranty claims shall be made by delivering the product for inspection to a Hisun Motors authorized Dealer or Service Center. A list of dealers and service centers and their contact details is available at:

In the United States: www.hisunmotors.com/dealer/locator/
In Canada: www.hisunmotorscorp.ca/dealer/locator/

This Limited Warranty will not cover the purchaser for all related transportation charges and travel time. Proof of registered ownership must be presented to the dealer at the time warranty service is requested in order to obtain coverage under this Limited Warranty.

What is Not Covered

This limited warranty does not cover routine maintenance items, tune-ups, adjustments, normal wear and tear, plastic, painted or coated parts, windshields, damage caused by abuse, abnormal use, operation of the product in a manner inconsistent with the recommended operation section of the Owner's Manual, neglect, accident, submersion, improper service, use of accessory or part not manufactured or sold by us, operation with fuels, oils or lubricants that are not suitable for the use with the product (see the Operation and Maintenance Manual), alteration or removal of parts, water entering the engine through the fuel intake, air intake or exhaust system, or damage to the product from insufficient cooling. This warranty also does not cover any vehicle, component, or part that has been altered structurally, modified, neglected, improperly maintained or used for racing, competition or purposes other than for which it was designed, these action(s) void the warranty.

Expenses related to towing,storage,rental inconvenience,insurance coverage, loanpayments, loss oftime, loss ofincome, or any other type of incidental or consequential damages are not covered by this Limited Warranty. For questions call HISUN Customer Assistance: United States & Canada: 1-877-838-6188

U.S EPA Emissions Limited Warranty

The emissions limited warranty is in addition to the HISUN standard limited warranty for your vehicle. HISUN Motors Corp. warrants that at the time it is first purchased, this emissions-certified vehicle is designed, built and equipped so it conforms to applicable U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emission regulations. HISUN warrants that the vehicle is free from defects in materials and workmanship that would cause it to fail to meet these regulations.

The warranty period for off road vehicles 100cc or greater emissions-certified vehicles starts on the date of purchase by original retail purchaser and continues for a period of 500 hours of engine operation, 3,100 miles of vehicle travel, or 30 calendar months from the date of purchase, whichever comes first.

This EPA emissions warranty period is extended for at least as long as the standard factory warranty that HISUN provides on the vehicle as a whole. The EPA emissions warranty period does not further extend if you purchase additional warranty coverage in the form of a service contract or other paid warranty extension, but emission related parts may be covered subject to the terms of any such paid service contract or paid warranty extension. The emissions limited warranty covers components whose failure increases the vehicle's regulated emissions, and it covers components of systems whose only purpose is to control emissions. Repairing or replacing other components not covered by this warranty is the responsibility of the vehicle owner. The emissions limited warranty does not cover components whose failure does not increase the vehicle'sregulated emissions.

For exhaust emissions, emission-related components include any engine parts related to the following systems:

Air-induction system Crankcase ventilation valves
Sensors Electronic control units

The following parts are also considered emission-related components for exhaust emissions:

After treatment devices Ignition system
Fuel system Exhaust gas recirculation systems

The following parts are considered emission-related components for evaporative emissions:

Fuel Tank Control Cables* Carbon Canister
Vapor Hoses Control Valves* Control Solenoids*
Vacuum Control Diaphragms*   Fuel Line Electronic Controls*
Pressure Relief Valves* Control Linkages* /td> Canister Mounting Brackets
Fuel Cap Fuel Line Fittings Clamps*
Liquid/Vapor Separator Purge Valves Carburetor Purge Port Connector
*As related to the evaporative emission control system

Emission-related components also include any other part whose only purpose is to reduce emissions or whose failure will increase emissions without significantly degrading engine/equipment performance. The exclusive remedy for breach of this limited warranty shall be, at the exclusive option of HISUN, repair or replacement of any defective materials, components or products.

The remedies set forth in this limited warranty are the only remedies available to any person for breach of this warranty. Hisun shall have no liability to any person for incidental, consequential or special damages of any descriptions, whether arising out of express or implied warranty or any other contract, negligence or other tort or otherwise. This exclusion of consequential, incidental, and special damages is independent from and shall survive any finding that the exclusive remedy failed of its essential purpose. All implied warranties (Including, but not limited to, any implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose) are limited in duration to the warranty period described herein. Hisun disclaims all express warranties not stated in this warranty.

Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply if it is inconsistent with the controlling state law.

This limited warranty excludes failures not caused by a defect in material or workmanship. This limited warranty does not cover damage due to accidents, abuse or improper handling, maintenance or use. This limited warranty also does not cover any engine that has been structurally altered, or when the vehicle has been used in racing competition. This limited warranty also does not cover physical damage, corrosion or defects caused by fire, explosions or other similar causes beyond the control of HISUN. Owners are responsible for performing the scheduled maintenance identified in the owner's manual. HISUN may deny warranty claims for failures that have been caused by the owners or operator's improper maintenance or use, by accidents for which HISUN has no responsibility, or by acts of God. Any qualified repair shop or person may maintain, replace, or repair the emission control devices or systems on your vehicle. An authorized HISUN dealer can perform any service that may be necessary for your vehicle. HISUN also recommends HISUN parts, however equivalent parts may be used for such service. It is a potential violation of the Clean Air Act if a part supplied by an aftermarket parts manufacturer reduces the effectiveness of the vehicle's emission controls. Tampering with emission controls is prohibited by federal law.

If you have any questions regarding your warranty rights and responsibilities, please contact HISUN Customer Assistance: United States & Canada: 1-877-838-6188.